The Perils of Blogging

Not long ago, when my husband and I moved from the country to a large metropolis, I decided to write about our new experiences as seniors in the city. A blog sounded like fun. In my ignorance I expected I would just sit down I front of my laptop and type away. Several early problems cured me of that notion, but the spider was the most insidious.

First there were the logistical details of choosing a platform for my blog. Since this writing genre is increasingly popular there are a number of sites to consider. Once I had chosen I had to make some creative decisions such as title, username, and so on. I meticulously worked my way through the questions until I came to “logo.”

It seemed that some kind of illustration or photo was in order. I checked other blogs and saw that pictures are highly seductive. I thought about what kind of image would convey the intent of my writing: to show that it is possible to live an exciting life as a mature adult in the city. After careful thought I decided that my image needed to show me posed with my usual device for writing, but it also needed to display the city in the background. Since Toronto is my home, what better logo than the CN Tower? I put on some comfortable clothes, grabbed my laptop and my husband (who is always willing to help), and headed down to the waterfront.

First of all, it was a lovely day so all the parking places were full. Finally we scored a spot, unloaded our equipment and walked down to the shoreline. We found a rock for me to sit on, with the CN Tower in the background. How perfect this would be! I carefully climbed up, arranged my laptop, and the photographer began clicking. The first round of photos showed mostly rock with me in the centre and the CN Tower a tiny speck behind. I cautiously moved to a higher rock, and a better view was snapped. I handed over my laptop and stepped down.

On the last step I teetered, nearly losing my balance. I envisioned my immediate future, my face hitting a rock, my leg bending sideways, a trip to the nearest hospital on the way home. Somehow I willed myself to lunge forward onto safer ground, shrieking in fear but managing to stay upright as I landed on the pathway. I scratched away the bugs and leaves that had attached themselves to my jeans, and headed for the car. I hadn’t realized that a blog might cause me serious injury before I had even posted my first entry.

When we got home, I reviewed the pictures that had been taken. Oh no -a photographer’s thumb image in the lower right corner! How could we not have noticed this when we were at the park? It must have been hidden in our shadows as we swiped through the pictures. “No worry,” I thought. I’d just edit the photo; crop it or air-brush the corner. Well I haven’t done much photographic editing and it was all rather mystifying. I finally gave up and tilted the whole picture sideways. I convinced myself that it looked kind of avant-garde that way, but I realized that maybe my technical skills were going to need some upgrading for this project.

Then I sat down with a glass of wine, reviewing with mixed feelings all that I had accomplished so far. Suddenly I noticed an itch on the back of my right calf. I reached down and felt a large bump, I lifted up my pantleg. The bump was quite red, very hot, and spreading quickly. I thought back to my time on the rock when a cunning spider had likely crawled under my jeans as I was absorbed in the art of posing. Would I be going to the emergency room after all? Would a spider be the downfall of my not-yet-even-published blog?

As I frantically searched through the medicine cabinet for a topical cream to relieve the burning itch I decided that, although living in the city was fun, writing about it was going to be exhausting. Nevertheless, as long as my leg is still a part of me, I plan to write again next Tuesday.


humb image in the lower righ corner! How could we not have noticed this at the park?

2 thoughts on “The Perils of Blogging

  1. Good for you your attempt..and am sure it will go more smoothly for you as time goes on. Thank you..and have fun doing this! Xo Carol


  2. I love your knack for writing a BIG story out of little events…a time-honoured craft. Looking forward to the next one.


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