The Twentieth Post

Since this is post number 20, I felt it should be something special. So here goes:

On Friday I went to my Italian class in the morning where we learned how to make single nouns plural and tasted little Italian cookies. Then I met Peter for a quick hot dog at COSTCO which we ate while we had some photos developed. Next we went to the nearby cineplex to watch a movie. Since we were a little early for the show we walked from the theatre parking lot over to the local federal campaign office and signed up to canvas. After the movie we went home, changed, hopped on the subway, and went downtown for dinner with friends.

OK…so that’s not very exciting to read about. But it does make the point that, since moving to the city from the country, we are able to do a lot in a short time. And now on to Saturday.

On Saturday we left the city. Well what can I say? We did! But only for the day. We went to Soupfest, a signature event in King Township. Community groups, restaurant owners, politicians, and business people all gather up produce from the Holland Marsh and create delicious soups. We sampled squash-fennel chowder, jambalaya, potato-bacon soup and, the hit of the event, the Mayor’s award-winning carrot soup. (You can even see a picture of it on facebook). We met some old friends and caught up on news. Peter also bought some produce at prices comparable to his favourite Sunnyland in the city.

Well that’s a little more interesting. But it contradicts my premise that life is better in the city. You see, there are good things about living in the country too. But wait – here comes Sunday!

On Sunday our focus and the top story on the tv news was all about the CUPE strike and the possibility of the schools closing the next day. Once again, our downtown location was going to be very convenient. Just like many parents and grandparents across the province, we were making babysitting arrangements for our 8-year-old grand daughter who only lives a few subway stops away. Then, at 9:00 pm the strike was called off! You could almost hear stand-in caregivers from Thunder Bay to Windsor heaving sighs of relief as they put away the playdough, puzzles and drawing books, and settled into their regular routines.

On Monday (yesterday) we went to pick up our grand daughter anyway because our routine since we moved to the city is having her on Mondays after school. She goes to an outdoor camp with a unique concept. The kids actually play outside! With Nature! Then we take her for dinner. She always has amusing stories to tell us.

I met Agnes at her school at 3:30 and we took the subway back to our stop where the outdoor camp is located. During the trip she filled me in on the day’s happenings at school: how Cameron was bothering her and her friend so they asked the teacher if they could work in the hall and then Cameron followed them into the hall so they went to the bathroom to work but then the teacher came in and sent them back to class but Cameron started bothering them again. Share would have gone on longer, but our stop arrived.

After 20 posts, I can say for sure that life in the city offers an endless variety of entertainment.


2 thoughts on “The Twentieth Post

  1. Yes,life in the city has been busy. Sue left out many activities from last week’s blog. We hosted friends Wednesday, and i was able to curl on Monday afternoon, lawn bowl Tuesday, and had a free dinner at an Old Mill workshop. Life is great!


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