Christmas Has Arrived In the City!

We should have known. There were tell-tale signs in stores as soon as the Hallowe’en costumes and pumpkin decorations were being put away. Boxes stuffed with green tinsel were hiding in corners. Jingle Bells could be heard over loudspeakers. Fake snow was appearing in store windows. Oh yes, something was up alright. But then we went away on vacation.

There, from our hotel in Ecuador, we began hearing news reports of real snow. The GTA was getting its first big storm and it was still early November. That would do it for sure. Shoppers would be on the march. Santas wold begin arriving at malls. Office parties would be announced. The Holiday Season would begin even earlier!

When we arrived back in the city after our adventure at the equator, we felt panic setting in. We were already far behind. Some of the other house owners on our street had put up Christmas lights. Our grand daughter Agnes, and her mom, had already been IN the Santa Claus parade. Our two-week collection of mail included catalogues full of gift ideas – for the athlete, for the fashion-savvy, for the gourmet chef, On Sale Now! How would we ever get all this done by December 25th?

And events were looming. We needed to plan our Christmas dinner with the family. We had to arrange our traditional visits to see the lights on city hall and the animated store windows with the tiny mice hiding under the beds. We had to find out about our annual lunches with book clubs and colleagues, concerts for belting out Christmas Carols, tacky gift exchanges with friends. And, most important, figure out a different, preferably red, outfit to wear to each.

And the cards. We need to get stated writing the cards. The post office has already announced the last date to send overseas mail if we want our nearest and dearest who live farthest to get our greetings in time. Then there is the small, but annoying, problem of my carpel tunnel syndrome, which makes it hard to write for long periods without my penmanship looking all wobbly and crooked. That’s how rumors start, you know. “Did you see the Iaboni card this year? Do you think Sue is losing it?” Maybe we should just forget the cards, and send letters of apology in January instead.

Oh, for heaven’s sake. Get a grip!We have three weeks to deal with this. Besides, lots of those catalogues have how-to articles to help. How to have the perfect wardrobe for the season. How to choose perfect gifts online. How to be the perfect host for all those cocktail parties we should be having, But wait a minute. As I realized at Thanksgiving, reading all those articles sets the bar even higher. Not helpful!

In fact, none of these frills really matter, not as much as remembering, celebrating, being with, those we love. That’s what the Christmas season is supposed to be about. That and – how am I ever going to think up enough material for three more December blog posts???

Perhaps you can help. Send in your favourite Christmas traditions, in the city or in the country, and I’ll share them with our readers. Don’t miss out! Do it today!! only joking….no rush.


Holiday tree at the Eaton Centre

3 thoughts on “Christmas Has Arrived In the City!

  1. All that hoopla! All that pollution! All the self-indulgence and over-indulgence! All the murdered trees! BAH, humbug! Yet, already I feel my heart opening despite the trappings and frippery you described so well. ALL of my oldest friends and all the little family I have live far away and abroad. We will be Skyping our hearts out with each other. Joy to your world, Sue!


  2. Thanks again Sue for entertaining me😀😀. I thought I would be panicking being south until the 15th and how was I to get all my shopping done?? However, I have had time to think it over the last few weeks and now have all gifts planned and under control. Of course, as you know I write my cards at the cottage in Oct. before closing up and my daughter in law mails them for me. So perhaps now I can look forward to the big family day. Even Xmas day has been and is all organized, and for once not by me😀😀🎄🎄!!! Woopee I am not preparing Xmas dinner, a first in 52 years🎄🎄🍷🍷!!! Dear Jasmine and Martin are hosting this year and I will have Xmas lunch for all at Rosea. I’ll hear then what you both will have done when we meet in Jan. I don’t suppose Myrna will be around for that. Will Gillian and Kevin be here for Xmas? Good luck Sue with your next Xmas blogs. I love them. Sorry the weather seems to have been nasty for you. I hope we get a break over the holidays. Meantime—happy shopping, partying and wrapping etc. Luv to both Mxx

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  3. Alright, go ahead and brag, we know how organized you are!  Smart lady! So glad that the kids are taking on Christmas dinner for you.  You will be able to sit back relax and be pampered.  Your job will be done after lunch. No Gillian and Kevin for Christmas.  Fortunate to see them a great deal this Fall.   Looking forward to seeing you both in a couple of weeks. Where does the time go?????? am,xo


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