Sleeping Through the Winter

One New Year’s resolution that people often make is to get more sleep. Medical research clearly shows that sleep helps with brain function and reduces the likelihood of that terrible disease that starts with “A.” Or it could be that January is so cold and dark, sleeping seems like the best thing to do. We can take our cue from bears: hibernate and dream of Spring.

But, as we age, sleep sometimes becomes difficult. Doctors know this and are quick to point it out. They help us create our bed-time routine: First, take your night-time pills, put on your wrinkle cream, and find your cozy socks. After that, brush your teeth and adjust your mouth guard. Then add your carpal tunnel wrist brace. Next hook up to your CPAP machine. Finally you are in bed. If you can’t fall asleep right away, get up and have a little brandy. Or go to a 24-hour drug store to purchase one of the sleep medications on the market with a cute name like sleep-ease. Ha

Lately the mattress industry has joined the conversation. Sleep County’s founder, Christine Magee, has competition. Have you noticed the underground rivalry between Casper and Endy? Ads in subway cars tell us that “Endy can be your new best friendy!” But Casper has puzzles for you to solve between stops. You can try one, below. If you can’t solve it, “sleep on it!” Then it will be “love at first night.”

Finding a place to nap in the afternoon is another consideration when we are old. If we’re at home, we can just settle into our favourite easy chair. (Ikea has one they call a “nap trap.”) But what if we are caught off guard, say in a restaurant after a big lunch? Can we just pay our bill and then slowly slide down in one of the booths, cover ourselves with our coat, and hope the waiter doesn’t notice? Or what about in a shopping mall? Chairs are often available, but they’re hard ones with arm rests and noisy children nearby. Difficult to grab a few winks there. As for park benches, too easy to slide off when they’re covered with ice in January.

BUT take heart because living in the city, I have discovered the answer! It’s a start-up company, the first in Canada, called Nap It Up! Sounds promising, doesn’t it? I decide that some research is in order. The location, hidden in a downtown mall, is a little tricky to find. After asking for directions from mall security, I walk down a back aisle past an LCBO, turn right and go to the far end, Ahead I can see the calming colours of soft mint beckoning me. My pace slows and I begin to relax.

Inside, I am greeted by friendly staff who invite me to take a look. The individual “rooms” are warm and welcoming. The beds have soft memory foam several inches deep, crisp sheets, thick pillows and furry blankets. The accessories include a bottle of water, a small safe for valuables, dim lighting. The entire area is infused with lavender and soft music. It’s all I can do to stay upright.

I resist, turn up the lights, and take a few pictures instead. I ask questions about price, which varies depending on the length of the nap. The cheapest nap is 25 minutes which doctors recommend, up to as long as 85 minutes. The service was designed for business people needing a short break in the afternoon. But it seems clear to me that we seniors are another needy group. We could all meet there every Wednesday, have a nap, and then go somewhere for coffee.

I thank the owners and head home to write about this great idea. On my way, I stop at the LCBO to buy a little brandy, just in case…


Casper puzzle

4 thoughts on “Sleeping Through the Winter

  1. Thanks for another great blog Sue. I learn something everyday. Never knew about these nap places😴😴. Hope I don’t need one for a while. Also thanks for inviting me to your new home. It is lovely and very practical with all your needs mainly on one level. I feel you are very happy there. Down here I have my nap on the deck after my Bloody Caesar at lunch time! Great life! I brought the book you gave me for Xmas. I’ll let you know how I like it. Thanks again. I also made the cheesy Rice Krispie things. They were yummy. H. is busy making bread at the moment hope it turns out well. Quite windy here, few clouds and a few showers and sun, but we don’t mind as it’s 82*. Hope you don’t get too much snow in Feb. Take care. Luv M.

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  2. Try an edible instead. That will help you sleep right after you go for a long walk which you absolutely will want to do. Or maybe just put on some music and dance with a little wine. I guarantee that no matter what the condition of your mattress you will enjoy a good nights sleep.


  3. Hey Susan… this is one of your best yet, but perhaps I relate to it as I’m not a good sleeper. However, I took
    Camomail tea last night and for the first time slept 8 hours….Eureka! And I read your blog before I went
    to bed last night…I wonder? Keep on blogging. I enjoy all of them. Cheers, Ruth


  4. This brings back great memories of our latest lunch. So much fun. I think that a drop in to the sleep place is sensible preparation for a visit the LCBO. Then we can make calm choices instead of desperate ones. N >


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