January Is a Wrap!

No, not a furry wrap, (although that would come in handy), but the expression filmmakers use when they have finished filming a lengthy, sometimes difficult, production. The expression might describe the delight we feel from knowing that this cold, dark month is now behind us and we only have to get through February before we can start thinking about Spring.

My January blog posts covered several ways to pass the time in the winter: visiting indoor gardens, curling, shopping, and sleeping. And you, dear readers, have responded with comments. Two of you suggested other indoor tropical places we might visit during a cold day. Allan Gardens downtown has a similar kind of setting to the Centennial Conservatory I described. But this location comes with a warning to beware of pick-pockets in the area, which could add a whole different level of excitement to a boring winter. Another reader mentioned the Zoo, which has some cozy tropical pavilions inhabited by birds, reptiles and small mammals. For a reminder that winter is still around, there is the polar bear exhibit too.

Responses to the shopping post are what we might expect. The women described varying degrees of delight, from mild to hysterical, with the idea of high-end shopping, wine glass in hand. But only one male reader was brave enough to respond, admitting in print that, although he finds the experience exhausting, his wife LIVES for shopping.

The curling post elicited one response from a reader whose dad curled for over 40 years in several different clubs, which goes to show that curling is a life-long sport. Then there was the comment from our son who realized from the picture that he covets his father’s curling hat and hopes it will be part of his inheritance. Now I guess we’ll have to have it appraised.

The post that got the most response was the one about sleeping. A number of readers admitted having trouble getting their eight hours. One couple had had a bad Monday night, just before getting up to read the post. I hope they found comfort in knowing that this is a widespread problem for people over 65. Another reader said that the idea of a nap before visiting the LCBO is definitely a good idea – it would allow us to make calm choices/purchases instead of desperate ones. Two other readers recommended cures – chamomile tea or edible cannabis. Take your pick. February could be much better if you’re high!

Here is another suggestion for February – creative writing. This idea is based on the response from one reader who had seen an article on the difference between “junior seniors” and “senior seniors.” He got creative and developed his own list of categories. Here are a few of his choices: Crumbly at 70, Slapdash at 80, Ridged at 85, Aimless at 90. So, how about it? Got anything better to contribute?

Finally there are the readers who just give up on winter and escape to somewhere warm. You know who you are. Hello to everyone hiding in Arizona, Aruba, Australia, Florida, Hawaii, Mexico, Montserrat, New Zealand, and South America. Send us some pictures!!

Or maybe not…


Here’s another Casper puzzle for you to try


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