A Busy Weekend

This past weekend we celebrated two special occasions – our wedding anniversary and Mothers’ Day – covid style.

Last May on our anniversary, the first one after we moved from the country to the city, my husband Peter and I made reservations at the iconic Old Mill restaurant which is very close to where we now live. We had a delicious 5-course meal in elegant surroundings, and danced to the music of a talented pianist. This year we decided to do the same. Sort of.

After discovering that the Old Mill does not do take-out, I donned my shopping outfit – mask and disposable gloves – and headed for No Frills at 6:45 am. I managed to grab one of only 2 prime rib roasts, and unearthed a cheesecake from the bottom of a freezer. Later that day Peter and I walked to the main street where Peter hit up Sunnyland Produce for 2 bags of salad ingredients, and I went to the LCBO where I got 2 bottles of our favourite red wine, packaged in 2 separate paper bags. That way we were able to use the bags and bottles to do arm exercises on our way home. I am REALLY missing my exercise classes.

On Saturday, the morning of our anniversary, we heard that the Snow Birds would do a fly-past along the Lake Ontario waterfront. How nice of them to honour us this way! So we walked down to the lake, which took about 40 minutes, and then we discovered that the fly-past had been cancelled due to bad weather. In the afternoon we ate chips as our appetizer course. Then we cooked the roast, tossed the salad, and opened the wine, one bottle each. (Only kidding!). We lit a couple of slightly used candles, and danced around the kitchen to the music of Alexa.

On Sunday morning, Mothers’ Day, we learned that the fly-past had been rescheduled and, if we hurried, we could be down at the waterfront in time to see the Snow Birds.We looked out the window and saw, to our horror, that it was snowing. Really? In May?? We got our winter coats out of storage, put on our boots, and rushed down to the lake, just in time to see 30 seconds or less of the Snow Birds as they whizzed by.

Then we had to rush home because my son and his wife were planning to drop by for a socially distanced back yard visit. We took a short-cut which involved a lot of climbing hills. As we started up the first one, our grand daughter Agnes called, planning to say Happy Mothers’ Day. Instead, she said: “Nana, why are you puffing and panting so much?” As we continued climbing, she played us her 3 newest piano pieces, and the hills were alive with the sound of music. (Sorry – I couldn’t help myself).

We arrived home in time to greet James and Glenda armed with sweet buns and cupcakes. Yum – lunch! As we sat around in the back yard, 2 meters apart and munching, the rain/snow mix started up again and we had to retreat under some umbrellas. After a short while, everyone was getting cold and in need of a bathroom, so our visit ended.

Peter and I went inside to watch a movie and finish off the cupcakes. Then we heard a knock at the door – another son, Daniel, visiting with his family and more desserts. Yum – dinner! More sitting in the back yard, 2 meters apart and munching. This visit was cut short too for the same reasons; too cold and no bathroom available.

After Daniel and his family left, I went back inside to warm up. Then I noticed Peter was still outside, holding a measuring tape. What on earth was he up to? Well, in case the pandemic goes on much longer, he was looking for a spot to build a little back yard outhouse for our guests. I got thinking; maybe grey on the outside, some nice flowered wallpaper inside, a scented candle, a little rug…could be quite cozy.

Dear readers, please stay safe, and try to enjoy the new normal that is our lives.


Our view at the waterfront – photo taken one year ago, for my first blog post,
May 14, 2019

5 thoughts on “A Busy Weekend

  1. Another great post! Our anniversary is on the 24th and we were wondering how to celebrate. Since last year was our 50th, we took a Mediterranean cruise to the Greek islands, Italy and Sicily. Other years we’ve gone to Stratford or Shaw to have lunch and see a play. This year it sounds like we’re going to have to cook. That does not sound like much of a celebration!


  2. Sue

    Thanks for making the new normal much more enjoyable. Tuesday once was just a filler day with no great purpose except perhaps once a year when it claimed Pancake Tuesday. Now Tuesday is the beginning of the week when that soon to be famous author pens her observations on life. Good work and congratulations on your first anniversary as a blogger. I hope No Frills didn’t sell that other prime rib. A celebration is in order.

    Smile Gary

    P.S. I’ve attached a photo of an outdoor structure that Peter may wish to consider for his backyard project. The buiIdling in the photo was originally at our cottage, but the copyright has long expired and Peter should feel free to duplicate any of the design elements.




    1. Thanks for the offer Gary. There is a lot of work in building an outhouse in the city, such as neighbours’ and city’s approval, etc. I may rent a Johnny on the Spot until this pandemic is over.


  3. You are really funny. Thanks for the laughs and smiles you gave me. This was truly a Happy Anniversary and Mother’s Day.


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