October Is Over

What is the most blah month of the year? Well, unless somebody wants to grow a moustache, my vote goes to November.

By the end of October Hallowe’en is done. This year was a non-event. We had only 8 kids drop by for candy, compared to other years where we have had up to 90 little spidermen and witches at our door. There were fewer decorations in the neighbourhood, although a couple of nearby homeowners came up with clever, covid-inspired, lawn creations. (See below)

Because of social distancing, and because kids are back in school now with new bubbles of classmates, we decided to send our grandchildren Halloween candy by mail. The candies cost about 50 cents each, and the 4 envelopes were $1.25. The postage? $46.00!!! Next time we’ll drive to each house and throw the candies in the driveway. And now we are up against November, with NO official holidays.

By November the sun is a dim bulb in the sky. All the leaves have fallen, their brilliant colours reduced to wrinkled brown, and the only thing left to do is hope that a strong wind will blow them to the neighbours’ properties. Last year we relied on the city’s leaf pick-up plan. Just rake them to the curb, and an amazing vacuum will come along and suck them all up. Except that last year it didn’t. So Peter had to bag them after all. On top of the leaf piles growing larger, the days are growing shorter and the bedroom is growing colder. Time to put the duvet on the bed and hide underneath.

In past Novembers we have travelled to somewhere warm to escape. Last year we went to the Galapagos Islands for hiking, snorkeling, and kayaking. It was fantastic. Even the bad parts – getting up at 5:00 am, falling out of the kayak onto the dock while the crew laughed, eating unknown but still wriggling fish – were better than staying home. This year the covid numbers are rising world-wide and the only travel options are videos and albums.

And no matter the outcome, tonight’s election will change our television viewing habits. With any luck there will be no more watching all the lies and deceit that have left us gobsmacked for the past four years. With any luck, Donald J. Trump will be moving somewhere far away like Russia. But, if he wins, we’ll be turning off CNN forever. Either way, we’ll be facing a new world south of the border. And right now the prospect is dark and sombre, just like the month ahead.

Meanwhile there is One good thing about November, for our family. We have 2 family birthdays coming up. Our son Greg and my husband Peter both have birthdays, and Peter’s is a Big one! So next week I’ll be back out in the garage setting up the patio furniture, hanging up those plastic sheets, and trying to make the garage look festive.

During this cold dark month we need diversions! We have to keep going somehow. So next week I plan to write about outdoor patios that are set up for safe November dining. A walk followed by some good, hot, food is just the thing to deal with lethargy. If you have any patio suggestions, please send them along.


Masked skeletons being chased by a covid germ
Rest In Peace music lessons, hugs, trips to Florida

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