Marching Forward – In Style

Yesterday I threw out my red turtleneck sweater, a warm but worn one that I’ve been slouching around in all winter. Spring is on the way. The birds think so too; just this morning I heard them tweeting at 6:00 am.

OK so maybe I am rushing the season just a tiny bit. Like everybody else, I am tired of this pandemic winter, especially since I’ve been wearing the same old clothes for months on end. Those jogging pants and sweatshirts are in rough shape. My boots are truly “down at the heels.” And my puffy winter coat is well – pathetic. There are stains from eating takeout in the car, and the pockets are filled with dirty gloves, old kleenex, and used masks. So last weekend I decided to march forward, towards my closet.

For inspiration I went to Zoomer magazine and an article entitled “No Sweat(s)!” The article was researched by someone who has an MA in fashion psychology. Who even knew there was such a degree? As we have already noticed, her first premise is that the fashion bar is set pretty low right now. The secret to dressing for success these days is just getting dressed! According to her, “denim is a solid step up from pyjamas.” Well so far so good, (except for those male readers who have already left the scene).

Of course this researcher is being paid by the fashion industry which recently declared that profits in their sector were down 93% over the past year. They have a reason to write these articles! But let’s just see what new trends she considers.

For her ideas she turned to the fashion trends following other world disasters. After the bubonic plague, Renaissance clothes of silk, satin and rich brocade became popular. After the 1918 Spanish flu, the roaring twenties ushered in flapper outfits. And after World War II, Christian Dior introduced the New Look for women: rounded shoulders, cinch waist, and long full skirt.

None of these styles look good on us older adults. So what will the next fashion era hold for us? Even though stores in most places are not yet open or have limits on customers, Toronto is considered a fashion hub; we need to be prepared for our chance to shop. As I read on, the author’s most important piece of advice is to head for colour. Nobody wants to see funereal shades of black and navy right now. Okey dokey, we can go with that. But the pictures in her article show women’s jackets that look Way too big and skirts that are Way too short. She mentions Diane Keaton as a role model, wearing “jeans, little hats, and trench coats; modern yet elegant.” hmm…

You men who are still reading are not left out either. For you there is Stanley Tucci, host of the new Italian travel/food show. He has a definite style. He chooses linen shirts in various hues of soft blue. He wears them with the neck open and the sleeves rolled up. His outfit is complete with denim jackets and jeans, very well put-together and sexy. Peter is not impressed. He says his 2 plaid flannel shirts are cozy and hardly worn at all!

The article ends with an earth-shattering quote: “Let’s rise to the occasion and perk ourselves up!” So find a picture of Diane Keaton or Stanley Tucci and just do it.


PS Peter refused to be photographed for this post. Sorry

6 thoughts on “Marching Forward – In Style

  1. Fashionating! 😉
    I’ve noticed that my friends and I have been getting dolled up for our Zoom and Skype and Facetime visits.
    You are always on point, Sue.


  2. Hi Sue, another good one! Funny, just after Christmas I too made a similar decision to get dressed! I was ignoring hangers and hangers of clothes last few months. Why? Why am I saving them …. for someday? Even though I am not in a busy office environment, I’ve stared to dress business casual. A step up from pj’s for sure! And my clothes are getting worn rather than getting out of fashion sitting in my closet.


  3. I’m all for shopping and Dianne Keaton. I can hardly wait. And I must find some linen shirts for Billy. Good look.


  4. The pictures I found from Dianne Keaton, I see her mostly wearing black. So that style but with happy colors. Correct


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