Home Sweet Home

When Peter and I were considering our move from the country to the city, we spent a lot of time trying to decide: condo or house?

Choosing a condo meant we were looking towards the future when we would want less maintenance, fewer stairs, and a simpler lifestyle. Choosing a small house instead meant we would be living in the present when we still have mobility and energy for planting a garden and hosting parties. (Choosing a house with a double garage also meat we could host parties during covid! But I digress..)

Now that we are settled into our small house, we do still have the energy for gardening and parties, but do we have enough for all the other maintenance? Hmmm… Peter started the ball rolling last week when he asked me: “Honey, did you, by any chance, plant flowers in the eaves troughs?” Apparently little shoots were poking up along the edge of the roof. Since we were planning a party for his relatives, this was an important question. He said the cousins might notice. It would be worse than dirty toilets, according to him.

So he got out the ladder, extended it to its full height, and began his climb. He asked me to stand by in case he needed anything, for example, could I sit on the bottom rung of the ladder to steady it in case he began to sway? Slowly he climbed up, holding a bucket for leaves in one hand, and using the other to climb, as the ladder wobbled under his weight. When he arrived at the troughs and began emptying them, a shower of debris, leaves and dirt missed the bucket and rained down on me. Apparently I should have had my umbrella with me! Fortunately I did have my phone, ready to call 911 in case the swaying got out of control or I got bumped on the head by the bucket.

After an entire afternoon of moving the ladder around the 4 sides of the house, Peter declared the eaves troughs clean enough for even the fussiest of relatives. The only thing left to do, he said, was… wash the windows! Well I was not anxious to do the ladder routine again, I can tell you. But Peter insisted that we aren’t too old to take this on, and I am more than anxious for an opportunity to show off my youth. Such vanity.

We were still debating about how to tackle this mammoth job, when a family member came to the rescue with a new product for us to try: an outdoor Windex product that attaches to the garden hose. Three steps – rinse, suds, and rinse again. No ladder required! And another great feature for a day of 30+ temperatures: we could wear our bathing suits and hose each other down too. I was so excited I could hardly sleep the night before. I woke up in the morning, grabbing only a quick coffee before heading to the nearest CTC. And there it was, in aisle 79 – the very last bottle of this miracle!

We easily got into our routine: Peter using the hose outside while standing on the ground, and me cleaning the windows on the inside, using only a chair. Easy peasy. Bird poop and mud splatts gone! Now I’d love to give you, dear readers, a dramatic ending: a window broke or we had a water fight, or some other exciting climax. But, aside from a couple of small leaks, there was nothing left except clean windows.

Now I m waiting with baited breath for Peter to announce our next home maintenance project. He’s sure to have another fun idea. As he thinks about it, here’s one: maybe we could paint the inside of the garage so we don’t have to put up those tacky plastic sheets the next time we have a party. Yikes! What am I saying? Surely the pandemic will be gone by the next holiday season. Won’t it?


Peter cleaning the eaves troughs

5 thoughts on “Home Sweet Home

  1. Wow you two are super industrious. If you want to keep in practice we have trees growing in our eaves troughs too. However we no longer have any relatives to worry about so maybe we’ll be trendy and say we have a green roof.


  2. I can’t believe Peter climbed that ladder after me telling him how dangerous it would be if he fell. He’s just like
    John and can do anything around the house. You’re actually lucky Susan, you captured a handy man. AND
    life is not boring!


  3. Good for Peter and I’m happy no need for 911! I would hate H doing that, especially at our age, a fall could be devastating to our overall future. Next year Sue —no more please!! I did enjoy the rest of your blog once I knew Peter was safely on the ground. H has been using that window cleaner on the cottage windows for years as the front ones are so high. He finds it works well. I am lucky Martin hops up the ladders to walk on the roof and hoses the gutters out for us. He goes up there anyway to open up the valves for the pool’s solar heating pipes each Spring and Fall. It must be very hot golfing these days, don’t think I could do it. AM. said she was taking a cart for the back 9 today. We have had fab weather up here and I’m very happy the cottage has AC. The area is lovely and quiet, not many boats around this week. Today H cleaned all of our gazebo plastic windows, a big job but they look good now done. Andrew and his girls are up and had dinner with us last night. They come over most days after he has done his work. Martin arriving on Sat to stay for the week. Looking forward to seeing you at lunch next week. Now you two take care of yourselves and be safe. Luv Mxx

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  4. I agree with Moira. Too risky for Peter to be up a ladder. We have a great service that will come and clean your eavestroughs in the Fall after all the leaves are done. Not expensive at all. Glad that the two of you survived your cleaning.


  5. We’ve been hiring a young man to clean our eavestroughs for the past few years. Well worth it. Falling at our age might put an end to our traveling days.


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