Family Day Destination

Thank you dear readers for being so generous with your travel suggestions. We thought long and hard about where to go for a family weekend adventure that was not too far to travel, not too germy, and yet not too boring. Where in Canada could we go?

On Saturday morning we packed one suitcase with pyjamas, long underwear, scarves and mitts, and hats. We loaded everything into the car and headed west, south, and then east. In an hour and a half we were there. We joined 2 other families: 2 of our sons, their wives, 2 dogs, and one grandchild, Gavin. We also took along a newcomer who had just arrived in Canada from the Philippines last week.

So where did we go? You may have guessed already. Canada has many beautiful places to visit: the Rockies, the Maritimes, the North. But one place that is close and yet among the most magnificent scenery in the world is in our own back yard – Niagara Falls. By late afternoon we had all arrived and settled into the only doggie hotel in the entire town – the Old Stone Inn.

After unpacking, we met in one of the rooms for some wine and planning. Having 2 dogs with us meant extra challenges, such as restaurants. The first night we found a local Japanese place that did takeout, and we ate on the beds in one of the rooms, being careful not to get noodles or soy sauce on the sheets. When dinner was finished, we looked at each other and said: “It’s time!”

Time to visit The Falls. Just a short walk from our hotel, and down a steep hill, and there they were – stunning, powerful and lit up in gorgeous colours. Despite having grown up in the Niagara area, I still find The Falls mesmerizing. And so did everyone else. The newcomer was in awe. Even the dogs were intrigued. They kept climbing up on the wall and staring over the edge, while their owners held tigthly onto their leashes . Despite the biting winds, we could barely tear ourselves away. But eventually we walked back up the hill to our hotel.

Niagara Falls at Night

The next day we woke up early so we could get going on the day’s adventures. The first item on our list was the Sky Wheel. It is not unlike the great London Eye, with enclosed cars which keep out the wind while providing magnificent views of The Falls from above. Then we walked back towards The Falls for a different, daytime, view.

A view of Niagara Falls from The Wheel

This time we walked all the way to the power plant and the greenhouse. Unfortunately the greenhouse was closed due to Covid, and the show at the power plant looked a little too technical for Gavin and the dogs, so we took a pass and walked back to the hotel, for a total of 20,000 steps. All this beauty and exercise too!

On our last morning, after breakfast together, we decided to travel in tandem to another important spot, (in Canadian history), Brock’s Monument. The monument was closed so we didn’t have to climb the 280 steps to the top, but we did admire the view of the Niagara River from this vantage point. It’s hard to imagine how The Falls have retreated 7 miles over the last 12,000 years, from the edge of Lake Ontario to where they are today, in the middle of the Niagara River. In just 22,000 more years, The Falls will have continued their backwards journey and disappeared into Lake Erie.

As we climbed into our cars to finish the homeward journey, one couple said they were going to take a detour – back to The Falls for another look. Who could blame them? As for you, dear readers, you have only 22,000 more years to visit. Don’t miss out!


Our motely crew – adults, 2 dogs and one grandchild

6 thoughts on “Family Day Destination

  1. Again a lovely report. Love the pictures. And I need to rush back to see the Falls as 22,000 years will go by in a blink of an eye.


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