Marvelous Massages

You didn’t realize this was a porn site, did you? Me neither. I originally heard about massages from a divorced friend. She said she went once a week for treatment. I just figured she was missing her ex-husband. Then I got a little more experience.

My first personal encounter was with a chair – a massage chair in a shopping mall. A clerk was giving a demonstration so I figured why not?I sat down gingerly and the chair began to rumble. I searched frantically for handles so I could hang on. Then I began to feel the pulsations up my spine and around my neck. It was heavenly. When the clerk tried to get me out of the chair, I pretended not to notice. When he tried to sell me the chair, I got the message and left.

Then I went for a pedicure and there was the chair again! I eagerly climbed on. The associate turned on the chair and dialed up an appropriate setting. It was great while she worked on my toe nails. Then she started massaging my feet. Even better! She kneaded toes, soles and heels. Then she moved up my legs and stated working on my calves too.

Soon after that I went to a new hairdresser and discovered a new treat – a scalp massage! First the washing, then the conditioner, then the massage. I could feel my brain waking up and asking “Where have you been all my life?” When I got home and told Peter about my experience, he looked a little nervous. He seemed somewhat relieved when I told him that all these masseuses were female.

Around Christmas I was feeling some neck pain, particularly after long walks. So I went to my family doctor who prodded, and poked, and prescribed – guess what? Massage! I called a local wellness clinic and was assigned a therapist – named Charley. I met Charley and we hit it off. Charley is an immigrant from China who had lived in Shangzhou, a city Peter and I had visited while on a trip to China about 10 years ago. I showed Charley some pictures of our trip and he opened up about his life in China. He had been an orthopedic surgeon and now here he was in Canada pounding on people’s backs. How lucky I was to have such expertise working on me.

Charley had me stand up straight while he did a 360 walk around my ancient bones. He pronounced his verdict: my neck was seriously “deformed” from years of slouching. I asked him if there was some way to turn back the clock. Maybe he had a time machine in the closet? Out loud I wondered why my parents didn’t tell me to stand up straighter? I could almost hear them looking down from above: “We Did tell you but you were too busy slouching around to hear us.”

Then the treatment began. First Charley worked on my back and spine. Then, after what seemed like mere seconds, he had me turn over and slide up so he could work on my neck. The kneading and rubbing continued. Time flew by and then it was over. Charley asked me if I wanted to come for another appointment. “Is the Pope Catholic?” I asked.

When I got home, Peter wanted a full report. Now he seemed really nervous! I explained to him why I desperately need this treatment. And it is making a difference. After several appointments, my neck is only partially deformed. Charley is turning back the clock on my old body!

And Peter is glad to know I still need him – in a different way.


PS No pictures since this is not Really a porn site. Hope you aren’t too disappointed.

5 thoughts on “Marvelous Massages

  1. Glad to hear that massages have worked for you. My only massage left me sore for 2 days and I haven’t tried one since.


  2. Glad you discovered the world of massages. You and Peter should head to St. Anne’s for a weekend retreat.


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