Muskoka Holiday

Last week, when I was doing research in Muskoka, many dramatic moments occurred. But I only have 600 words so I decided to use photos to tell the story instead:

We arrive at the cottage and survey the boat collection

In the lake:

Sheila learns to stand up all by herself
Ben just loves kayaking
Gavin tries a backwards jump
Tobie goes it alone


Fan decides to paint the entire cottage in a week

And inside:

The men study how to win at board games

Pies appear on the menu every night
James smiles for the camera while Venus checks to make sure the bug zapper is not plugged in
Agnes invents a new card game and hopes nobody steals her idea before she gets rich.
Finnegan sleeps around

And soon the week is over.

The cottage is painted!

We go out to celebrate:

Mexican Fiesta

Hope we get invited back next year!


10 thoughts on “Muskoka Holiday

  1. Terrific pictures Sue. Thanks so much for sharing. They look lovely and a real happy bunch!! Busy place! I am guessing that was your β€˜annual’ family week away together??

    Had wonderful visit with Allysson and family at their fishing lodge, long, long way from here in N W Ont πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚. Her kids are terrific and now so interesting.

    Hope we can have coffee sometime, probably Sept. ???

    Enjoy the rest of sumner.

    Luv M.

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