Catching Up

No, dear readers, it’s not Tuesday. It’s Friday, the day I had originally set aside to use for reader feedback. But there has been very little of that, except for positive comments. I love those, but they don’t require a lengthy response.

This past Tuesday however, when I wrote about TV, I got several comments. And they are all worth mentioning. Some of you wrote with very useful ideas for positive TV viewing experiences. One reader offered late-night TV and foreign films, Man Facing Southeast in particular, available on Youtube. Another reader suggested using PVR to capture shows while skipping over commercials. She also recommended Still Standing, a comedy which intrigues me because it’s Canadian. And she mentioned streaming the Disney channel in order to get the National Geographic nature shows.

One reader wrote all the way from Florida to recommend Netflix. She was thrilled because she was able to transfer her Netflix account from Ontario, for the winter. Another Netflix supporter mentioned Wednesday, Bones and You, 3 definite winners in his opinion. A third reader, who happens to be a close relative, phoned me to say “Mom, that whole thing about the ads is silly. Just use Netflix!” Then he began serenading me – with the Pepto Bismal song.

A couple of readers were anti-TV completely. One said “Just go to Museums and Galleries instead.” Another one was more vocal. He suggested that, in bringing up TV as a topic, I had gone down a “giant rabbit hole.” He concluded with this zinger: “Oh how the mighty have fallen!”

In my defense, let me just say this: First of all, as Mel Lastman often said, “there is no bad publicity!” I do appreciate every comment I get on this blog. Second, you have to admit that my topic was timely. Within only a few days, Canadian Mattea Roach had been invited back to the Jeopardy scene to try her luck at Master Jeopardy! And the drug Ozempic has stirred up a huge Tic Toc controversy as a weight-loss drug, instead of a drug to control the diabetes it was designed for. You can’t get much more current than that.

And finally, I don’t plan to stay in that rabbit hole. Next Tuesday you will be able to read about our latest experience in Toronto. And it will Not be featured on TV.

Have a great weekend and try to get outside for an adventure!


2 thoughts on “Catching Up

  1. Still Standing is wonderful fun.
    Talk about rabbit holes…I am not reaping much scintillating reading from the local libraries. The stacks are lower (for sight lines (!?) I was told), and the stock appears based on demand. I am desperate for a meaningful book or twenty…


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