Happy Canada Day!

Dear Loyal Readers;

After deleting several thousand old emails, I find my blog site working Much better. Imagine that! In fact, I am now able to add photos. So, in honour of this great holiday, I give you, not text, but pictures!

First some pics from our trip to New York, (Sister Cities posted June 14)

Walking on the High Line

Ben the soccer star
Statue of Liberty replica

We also had a lovely family gathering of Peter’s cousins while we were in New York. While many of Peter’s family moved to Toronto from Italy, one branch of his family moved to New York – another similarity between these two cities! It was great to spend time with them.

Peter’s New York cousins

The next blog post missing pictures was Fore! June 21:

Our hole – far away in a hidden corner

And from last week’s post, Agnes Arrives! June 28:

Missy and Sissy’s final resting place in our backyard
Agnes and Peter enjoying? the log flume
Old grandparents getting a push from their granddaughter

Happy Canada Day everyone. I’ll be back on Tuesday with another post.


4 thoughts on “Happy Canada Day!

  1. Great photos. I’m glad you cleared your emails. I’ll have to do that to see if it speeds up my downloads.


  2. Such wonderful pictures!
    Happy Canada indeed. Our parents greatest gift to us: choosing Canada for our new home sweet home.


  3. I thought, was yesterday Tuesday? That’s when your blog publishes. And that’s how my days are measured! But no, happy belated day after Canada Day and photos. Wish I’d been in New York with you. See you soon.


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